Relationship Advice | How to Know if You're Coming On Too Strong?

"How to Know if You're Coming On Too Strong?"

When you get involved in a relationship, chances are you will indulge yourself in spending as much time with you partner as you can. However, you may be coming on too strong. You can determine if you are by looking out for certain signs such as too much contact - calling daily is too strong. If you are new to the relationship or wanting to start a relationship, keep it casual and friendly. Make sure your conversations are fun and flirty but do not lay it on too thick. If you are too pushy about a relationship, chances or your love interest will back away from you.

Perhaps you're getting mixed signals or your love interest doesn't answer your calls. This is another sign that you are coming on too strong and he or she is just not as into you as you might have hoped. You need to back off and give that person some time to think about what they want.

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How to Know if You're Coming On Too Strong?

If that person is genuinely interested in you, they will get a hold of you when the time is right. In the meantime, keep things causal and light. A friendly hello occasionally is acceptable but do not push for anything more than friends.

Making plans in your head that are jumping the gun (planning too far ahead on your own) is a sign of coming on too strong. Instead, you should ask your love interest what he or she would like to do if anything at all. If they want to go out on a date with you, they will make it happen. Do not plan a date without first discussing it with your love interest. They may not be into the idea of going out on a date with you right now. They may feel pressured into going out with you if you push the issue too much.

If your love interest feels that you are not respecting their space, you will notice when they avoid you. You need to make sure that you are giving that person room to breathe. Being too clingy and up in their personal space makes them feel uncomfortable. Make sure that you maintain a positive attitude and even a nonchalant attitude as though it does not bother you either way if he or she wants to date you or not. If you act this way, it will likely peak that person's interest and they will be asking you on a date in no time.

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